Short Film and Narratives

Production starts next weekend on film that a couple of my friends wrote.  They asked me to be DP for the 2 day shoot.  I’m super excited to work with the RED scarlet on this project.  We are going to have access to 24-70mm L series, 10-22mm Canon, some vintage nikons; sadly no cine lenses, but I feel REDs RAW codec should help bring forward to some awesome texture that this film needs.  The film is called Flower and should be entering some national film festivals this fall.   Jesse, the director on this film, has informed me of some other scripts he has in the works; one being a nior sci fy period piece and another drama.  I’m super stoked to make some new narratives.  Feel to check out some of my other random sketch narratives on youtube:   Also check out the kickstart for the Flower film: